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Goodwill English Series Books

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Piece(s). 

Goodwill General Books

Approx Price: Rs 75 / Piece(s) 

Goodwill Project Books

Approx Price: Rs 90 / Piece 
ISBN NoTitle NamePrice(Rs)
978-81-7245-428-9Championship science fair projecats140
978-81-7245-197-4Make it yourself science fair projects140
978-81-7245-202-5Sceince fair projects physics75
978-81-7245-417-344 Challenging physics projects90
978-81-7245-120-2100 Amazing Make-it-Yourself-Science Fair Projects140
Size:18 x 24 cms
Contents: B & W

Goodwill Hot Tips for Speakers

Approx Price: Rs 95 / Piece(s) 
Parents, teachers, facilitators and speakers feel the thrill of watching other learn. since you picked up this book, you are probably one of them. Your satisfaction comes when your audience enjoys what you are doing as much as you do.

Price: Rs. 95/-
ISBN: 978-81-7245-448-7
Size: 18 x 24 cms
Contents: B & W

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Goodwill Learn Hindi Through English Books

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Piece(s) 
It is a step-by-step comprehensive guide to gain command of the spoken language of Hindi.
It is a useful teach-yourself-guide to anyone who has an earnest desire to learn Hindi.

Price: 125/-
ISBN: 978-81-7245-053-3
Content : B & W

Goodwill Dictionary Of Idioms and Phrases

Approx Price: Rs 140 / Piece(s) 
One needs a good dictionary like the one in your hands. The dictionary explains the true meaning of most popular idioms and phrases along with their correct usage.

Price Rs. 140/-
ISBN : 978-81-7245-017-5
Content : B&W

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Goodwill's Chess Puzzle Book Series

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Piece(s) 


Title Name



Mensa Guide to Chess



Chess for Children



Winning Chess


Size: 18.5 x 24 cms
Contents : B & W


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